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“Perfect for fans of soulful folk and driving to the beach or a music festival on a steamy summer’s eve with the windows all the way down...”




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Michigan's Flylite Gemini started as a solo venture for music veteran and Kalamazoo-based guitarist Joe Chamberlin has since blossomed into one of Michigan’s hottest acts. The band has since grown to include drummer Sam Rice, guitarist Gary Cimmerer, and bassist Dan Hildebrandt who, together, now have two award winning albums under their belts. Their third, “Time and Space,” was released in May of 2022. 


Their debut album, released in 2017, was nominated for best blues and soul album from a new artist and album of the year at the 2018 Jammie Awards. Their follow up record, “Bigger on the Inside,” was deemed perfect for driving to the beach or a music festival on a steamy summer’s eve with the windows all the way down by Local Spins. Their latest record also got praise from the West Michigan based publication stating the band has found their groove and is committed to producing exciting and engaging rock music that instantly elevates your mood and gets you dancing. The same record awarded the band a nomination for best rock/pop album and artist of the year in the 2023 Jammie Awards.


Flylite Gemini has been making waves in the Michigan music scene with their high-energy live performances and unique sound .Having performed throughout Michigan, including venues such as Bell’s Eccentric Cafe in Kalamazoo, Short’s Brewing in Bellaire, Tip Top Deluxe Bar and Grill in Grand Rapids and other venues across the Mitten State. They’ve also performed at Buttermilk Jamboree, Dunesville, Sounds of the Zoo, Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts, and Pond Jam to name a few.


After bringing their innovative sound and passionate live shows to many of the state's top venues, as well as having shared the stage with many national acts, Flylite Gemini is poised to make a big impact on the indie rock scene both in Michigan and beyond.

Based In:

West Michigan



Alternative Rock-Folk-Blues


Years Active:  

2017- Present


Band Members:

Joe Chamberlin-Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar- Kalamazoo

Sam Rice-Drums, Vocals - Grand Rapids

Dan HildeBrandt- Bass, Vocals - Grand Rapids

Gary Cimmerer - Guitar -  Lansing



Nominated for Best Blues/Soul album, WYCE Jammies


 Best Album from a New Artist,

and Album of the Year at the 2018 WYCE Jammie Awards




“Time & Space” (2022)

1.Time & Space

2. This Is the Is

3. Just Another Song

4. In Your Eyes

5. Stay With Me Tonight

6. Satisfy My Soul

7. Lightning and Thunder

8. Wildflowers

9. The Stone

10. There Isn't an End


“Bigger on the Inside “ (2019)

1.Bigger on the Inside

2.Sagittarius & Scorpio

3.My Greatest Love

4.Wedding Song

5. I Saw Y'ou

6. Goin' Down

7. Better Days

8. Songs and Landscapes

9. For Our Love

10. Wonder of it All

11. Keep, Keeping On

12. Take Me Home

13. Mountains Rise

14. Long Time Ago

15. May This Be Love


FlyLiteGemini – FlyLiteGemini (2017)
1. Row
2. For the Birds
3. Inside
4. The Way
5. Someone Like You
6. The Birds and Bees
7. I Believe in Love
8. Love Sweet Love
9. Wild West
10. Bottom Line
11. No More War
12. Rainbow Reflections
13. O'Well What Can You Do
14. Working Dead


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